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Quality is paramount for most people buying electronic products. Quality branding and perceived quality acknowledgment by the public is even a means for several manufacturers to increase profitability, since many consumers are willing to pay for quality. Examples of that are numerous, e.g. sound systems in higher end cars like Bang & Olufsen (B&O) sound in Audi cars, quality branding of some computer and smartphone products, improved sound signal quality in higher-end hearing aids, perceived quality of Bose anti-noise cancelling headset versus the competition, etc.
Improving quality in electronics products is closely tied to making quality objectives integral elements in design, manufacturing and testing. Quality must be created, not found, and needs careful planning.

Testing is an inherent part of quality objectives. To gain and maintain a competitive edge, manufacturers of electronic products cannot rely on yesterday’s test solutions. Increasing product complexity, changes in product compositions (e.g. digital versus analog), fewer components due to higher integration in microelectronics, outsourcing, new product standards, etc. are elements that call upon new and more optimal test solutions. On-going demands for reduced production and test costs add to the challenges.

Achieving balanced and sustainable test solutions are important focus areas of Chamaj Consult. We have the experience in several fields of electronic testing and can devise optimum solutions. The right test solution is not just a matter of the best or most sophisticated tools and equipment. Rather, it is a balance between test solutions, local engineering talent, intellectual assets and capabilities, total cost of ownership, quality ambitions and other vital facets. We know how to balance that.

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