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Competitive advantages come not only from new technology, but from mixing known technologies and know-how in innovative ways.

Chamaj Consult is a company with deep roots in test technology solutions as well as business development, not least in the area of test of electronic products. Our staff has been involved in a broad variety of challenges using and providing test solutions – in a European as well as in a Global context. For example, developing test solutions with major Asian and US based companies is a significant part of the company experience.

Bridging industry and academia is another facet of the company’s breadth of capability. In this capacity, we have experience in managing collaborative R&D projects, e.g. a 200+ person year project including 5 major industrial partners and 14 universities. Also R&D project collaboration in a smaller dimension is part of our management experience – as is being responsible for Ph.D. student curriculum and education. Other involvements in this area have been in bringing academia R&D results into successful use in industry.

Dissemination of results and knowledge to a broader community is often a vital part of business as well as public R&D projects. Chamaj Consult staff has significant experience in this field in multi-faceted ways. Organization and execution of large number of seminars, workshops, symposia and even major conferences are prime results of our staff’s track record. Events include topics such as design-of-microelectronics, design-for-test, test R&D, best-practices in test, dissemination of R&D results, video events transmitted by satellite to a broad community, and many more.

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